Marathi cinema expert, Shivaji Satam, who performs ACP Pradyuman, have worked previously with the B.P. Singh and that too on many tasks before C.I.D.. "Having proved helpful with B.P. on many tasks, I have to become the CID part," said Satam. Shetty Dayanand (Daya) was identified through Sanjay Shetty, a participant of C.I.D. development group, in group perform, in which Daya has been adjudged best acting professional.

Singh was satisfied with Shetty that he had finlaized him in just 5 minutes into the try out. His personality is amongst most well-known ones in sequence along with the Satam's personality that is, Pradyuman. Aditya Srivastava who plays Abhijeet, was presented in display as legal but was later included into C.I.D. group. "I had decided for only 26 periods. In 1998, I was doing some movies, but BP sir provided me versatility to come and move out as I like. But I started have fun with the part of Abhijeet, and so remained on," said Srivastava. Singh desired Srivastava to be aspect of his group after seeing his perform in Satya Ram Gopal Varma’s. This was the complete information on Casting of CID and you should definitely watch this television serial with your family.


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