C.I.D. is mainly shot at Mumbai, Maharashtra. During long course of this show, the sequence have been taken in various location all over the India, such as Chennai,  Manali, Kolkata, Shimla at Jodhpur,  Himachal Pradesh, in Rajasthan, Kochi at Kerala, various locations such as Chandni Chowk that is in Delhi. International locations had involved locations such as Uzbekistan, uk, London, a significant capture at London, uk, and Swiss which involved popular sightseeing opportunities like Interlaken along with the places like Berne as well as Zurich.

The significant capture at Paris-Switzerland has been for CID Aakhri Chunauti Special, and part of development crew's Thirteenth birthday party plan. On capturing in overseas, B.P. Singh mentioned, "One of USPs is outside place launches. When the graphics are moved to a different place we will get to check out exciting encounters, listen to different 'languages' and check our figures in awesome location". With regard to costs and finance suffered while capturing in foreign locations, Singh said, "While other have frequent outside, we are relaxed with it. Sony also facilitates us completely in condition of finance". This was the complete information on Filming Locations of CID and other important aspects as well and definitely watch this serial.


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